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Unlike in traditional magazines, advertising in online magazines has a lot of advantages. You can link to your webpage or email from within your ad, so your customer can reach you with the click of a button. Since we don't have overhead costs for printing, we can pass on our savings to you and offer extremely competitive rates.

If you are planing to advertise with us and want to send us photo ready ads, please save your files in JPG or PDF in minimum of 150dpi in the following dimension ratios, keeping in mind that the magazine is designed to fit a variety of electronic screens not traditional print media:

Full page: 10:8.5

Half page: 5:8.5

Quarter Page: 5:4.25 

If in doubt, contact us before you start designing your ad.

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Sightseeing Magazine. Passion for Travel.

We offer economical advertising opportunities for your business with special introductory rates and discounts for frequent advertisers.

Prices for photo ready ads:

Full page: Can$100 (US$90, €70)

Half page: Can$55 (US$50, €39)

Quarter page: Can$30 (US$27, €21).

If you want us to design your ad, add Can$50 (US$44, €36) to the above prices.

For prepaid ads for two issues (half year) we give a 10% discount, for four issues (full year) 15%. ​

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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